The reality is that most startup investments do not come from companies pitching investors, but from investors pitching their fellow investors.  The problem isn’t a lack of dealflow, nor a lack of crowd.  The problem is efficiently matching the right deal to the right investor, one investor to another.
Or more simply… the problem isn’t dealflow but investorflow.
investorflow.org brings you the world’s first online service that connects investors to like-minded investors.  Both those they already know and those they’ve yet to meet.


To start with, we’re bringing this service to impact investors, who today are scattered around the world and who today are already investing globally, thus making the process of finding like-minded investors even more difficult.
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If you are an impact investor interested in joining the network, please contact us below.  If you are an impactful entrepreneur seeking funding, contact us too, but also please introduce us to your existing investor(s).